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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 19, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." the massive storm. now taking a deadly turn. the national guard called in. entire towns buried. eight feet of snow and more on the way. and the arrest outside the white house. and what the president is about to do on immigration. breaking news involving bill cosby, his new shows cancelled. and the made in america that just made this family $14 million richer. you won't believe this one. good evening on this
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wednesday night. we do begin with the deadly storm being called historic tonight. a state of emergency now, and at least seven dead. and the national guard moving in. drivers trapped for hours being rescued. and this pregnant woman carried to safety. and a harrowing drive home. a highway in wisconsin, that car sliding into that other car. and you can see the view through this garage door. and neighbors buried in several feet of snow, and more on the way. we begin with gio benitez, in the storm zone for us again tonight. >> reporter: after a monster storm that left the great lakes from new york to michigan buried, millions are digging out. how long is this going to take you to shovel out? >> well, not long because i'm not going to do it much longer.
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>> reporter: he's smart to take a break. at least three of the reported seven deaths were from heart attacks related to shoveling snow. travel remains treacherous. the fire department forced to get around on snowmobiles. >> i believe when all is said and done, this snowfall may break all sorts of records. >> reporter: the new york governor calling in more than 200 national guardsmen to remove snow, direct traffic and rescue the hundreds of stranded people from area highways. all finally safe tonight. including the niagara university women's basketball team. they melted snow to drink and posted long-faced selfies calling for help. >> caitlin was also stuck on the highway for over 30 hours. >> no food, no water, we're literally surrounded by at least four to five feet of snow. >> reporter: overnight, fire fighters rescuing a woman in labor at the height of the storm. carrying her six blocks from the ambulance to the hospital. and this little wonder born inside a firehouse.
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baby lucy weighed in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces. across this region, so many opening their doors to sights like this. snow piled high, breaking in. that's couney berry's door. >> winter knocked and let itself in. >> reporter: meanwhile, much of the rest of the country is freezing cold. more than a dozen record lows tied or broken this morning. from new england, to the gulf coast, to florida. the midwest getting another bitter blast. roads frozen. watch this dash cam video from wisconsin -- police helping motorists when -- watch again. police warning everyone tonight, slow down and move over. back by the lake, the buffalo bills are racing to clear 220,000 tons of snow from ralph wilson stadium before sunday's game. offering free tickets to 500 hardy shovelers. and this is where they'll bring it.
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more than 5,000 tons of snow have already been removed from south buffalo as they brace for more. >> this record cold continuing for much of the country. and buffalo, the snow continuing too, ginger. >> south of buffalo, you've seen it in pictures. up to 65 inches. and what a small swath that is. why? the water temperatures, they're still very high, in the 40s and 50s. you put the cold wind over it and that's the radar from the last 36 hours, just slamming this area. so, is there any relief? yes, the good news for places in the southeast, monday's highs. warming up.
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buffalo, rain, warmth, and some me melting. now to three pilots saying drones were flying too close. here's david kerley. >> reporter: two different incidents over four days at new york's jfk. the first, monday at 7:00 p.m., a 747 spotted a drone flying. then later, a 737 says a drone got within a foot of its wing. then it was a jetblue pilot saying a drone got within a foot of its wing.
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this is evidence of a growing problem of drones too close to airplanes and aircraft. and a man under arrest. a rifle and ammunition in his car, one block from the white house. and the secret service revealing they may raise the white house fence. pierre thomas on the new concern tonight. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m. 41-year-old renae kapheim of davenport, iowa approaching secret service officers about a block from the white house. he was acting oddly, telling officers someone in iowa had told him to go to the white house. he apparently made no threats, but officers were suspicious. and discovered a 30-30 rifle and ammunition. kapheim was arrested. it's the latest alarming incident at the white house.
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the secret service is still reeling from the series of failures that allowed omar gonzalez to jump a fence and get deep inside the white house. today the agency's acting director apologizing on capitol hill, acknowledging the secret service has been severely damaged by its own failures. >> devastating. what hits so hard is the range of shortcomings that ultimately allowed omar gonazlez to enter the white house practically unencumbered. >> reporter: it was a comedy of errors the officer in charge of the attack dog was on his cell phone, and was without his backup radio. the secret service saying they're considering making the white house fence taller. and working to improve the response to intruders. and the acting director saying
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he's worried about low morale. and word that president obama will unveil new policies on immigration tomorrow. >> everyone agrees that the immigration system is broken. >> and the president is expected to announce a plan that would give up to 5 million undocumented people legal status. so, i want to go right to jonath jonathan karl. >> well, the president is meeting tonight over dinner with key congressional democrats tonight. he's going to hear from republicans on this. i'm told that republican leaders are preparing to go to court to
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stop it. >> and the president has said he wouldn't take action on his own. so, what's changed? >> well, the president said last year it would be hard to defend legally. but they're saying now it's within his legal powers. now to ferguson, missouri. a state of emergency there. the grand jury expected to rule any day now. tonight, this image from a city on high alert, and steve osunsami with a look inside that grand jury room. who is deciding? >> reporter: with troops ready to roll their tanks into these american cities here, and the governor of missouri already declaring a state of emergency, all eyes are on the grand jury meeting in secret behind these windows. it's nothing like a jury at trial. today, prosecutors telling us
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that the seven men and five women deciding possible charges in the shooting death of michael brown are sitting at a "u"-shaped table in an ordinary room. with a table for the prosecutor and another for witnesses up front. in this racially charged case, prosecutors made sure the jury has the same racial makeup of the county. nine white americans, and three black americans. it takes nine votes to criminally charge police officer darren wilson for the august 9th shooting. lawyers for michael brown's family say the system favors the officer. are you expecting an indictment? >> historically, based on what you see when you got the local prosecutor sitting in judgment of the local police, they normally don't indict. >> reporter: same story on the street. >> i don't think it's right, i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: but in august, the prosecutor, saying he's showing the grand jury more evidence than they'd normally see. >> they will have absolutely everything that there is, every piece of paper, every photograph. >> reporter: he's also agreed to
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publicly share all that evidence, if officer wilson is cleared, david? and overseas, these images in jerusalem. prayers resuming after the streets swelled with mourners. and abc, netflix and tv land pulling projects with bill cosby in the wake of a firestorm of accusations. cecelia vega, back on the story tonight. >> reporter: tonight, comedian bill cosby under fire. tv land pulling reruns off the air. nbc announcing it is scrapping a sitcom project starring the comedy icon, the day after netflix postponed a standup special planned for next week.
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this, as yet another woman accuses the man once known as america's favorite dad of sexual abuse. >> how do you expect to get into college with grades like this? >> reporter: former super model janis dickinson tells entertainment tonight cosby drugged and assaulted her in 1982. >> i remember before i passed out that i had been sexually assaulted by this man. >> reporter: but a lawyer for cosby says her story conflicts with her prior statements and is an outrageous lie. dickinson now joining two other women who have publicly claimed cosby drugged and assaulted them decades ago. why not go to the police? >> i didn't think anyone would believe me, it's me saying something about bill cosby who is like a god to everyone in the world. >> reporter: in 2005, another woman sued cosby claiming he drugged and assaulted her. she said 13 others with similar stories offered to testify. the case, settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with
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no admission of wrongdoing. criminal charges were never brought against him. in a statement that cosby's lawyers say does not refer to that settled case, they call the other claims old and discredited. as for a performance this friday in florida, cosby's team says the show will go on. cecelia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight." if you're one of the millions sending packages this holiday, watch this. a delivery man coming, and a person watching. and the missing beauty queen and her sister, what police are reporting. and made in america, an american family and the
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next tonight here, an alarming image for anyone shipping holiday packages. many of us track our packages but are others tracking them, too? here's matt gutman. >> reporter: 'tis the season of giving. and police say, for this pennsylvania man, taking. this home surveillance camera catching him watching -- that's him in the red -- as a u.p.s. courier delivers this box of toys. then, swooping in. a crime apparently so convenient, he's able to do it with one hand, while holding his 1-year-old daughter in the other. and watch this theft in oregon. just two minutes after the package is delivered. someone takes it. police say what used to be a crime of opportunity isn't anymore. >> thieves are looking in neighborhoods for delivery trucks. now they are following them, making sure no one else is in the neighborhood. >> reporter: with the postal service, u.p.s., and fedex expecting to deliver over 1.3 billion packages between
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thanksgiving and christmas -- 10% more than last year -- police say, expect growth in the grinch department, too. like this thief, already in black and white prison stripes, stealing $300 earrings bound for dan dillon's wife. >> a crime is a crime, whether you think it's right or wrong, and depending on your circumstances, but you just can't steal. >> reporter: authorities say try to get your packages sent to work. or make sure somebody is there to sign for it. often, the best defense is a home security camera. tonight, it delivered the gotcha images needed to arrest. when we come in, the big ahe headlines about bono. and here's what's ahead this
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. straight to the "index." u 2 frontman bono, his arm broken in six places, arm socket and hand fractured in a bike accident. we're pulling for him. and this beauty queen and her sister have disappeared. and a passing to note. motown great jimmy ruffin.
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but what they never saw coming, a $14 million payday. >> next into the tank, an affordable solution for digital photos. >> taking year ideas to the sharks. just listen to their pitch. >> billions of photos are taken every day from smartphones. who doesn't have a phone with hundreds if not thousands of photos? what do people do with all those photos? absolutely nothing. >> their solution, upload the photos, they print them, and they'll ship them to you. >> they were offered $1.9 million. they come back with a better
6:57 pm
offer, to invest in the idea, and help find out if there are any bigger companies that want in. >> do you want to take my offer? >> yes, we do. >> and the biggest deal in made in america history. now, shutterfly buying their idea for $14.5 million. we had to meet them. not bad, hanging out with a couple of millionaires. we asked, how did they get this idea? mom lost her phone and the pictures on it. so, that brought $14 million. >> i guess you could look at it this way. >> and we asked if they thought they would have been trouble.
6:58 pm
and kevin o'leary, what was it that set them apart? turns out, it was the groove. >> it ability to bend. >> if you can bend it, you can ship it to customers for car less. how much to ship it if not? >> $3. >> and now? >> 80 cents. >> tonight their multimillionaires. >> they're happy, all because they could bend it. thank you for watching, and i hope to you see back here tomorrow. good night.
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